College Guidance

College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won!

The College Counseling Program at The Sagemont School believes that the college process is based upon individualism and self-reflection as students prepare for the next phase of their academic experience. Students can make the best possible college choices only when they know themselves well—when they thoroughly understand their strengths, goals, and personal style. We help facilitate this process. This is each student's journey to lead, while we serve as advocates and allies in guiding the search for the best match.

The College Counselor will help the students to evaluate and understand variables and how they will affect their candidacy. We promote the idea that students get themselves into college. Decisions about where to apply, who to ask for recommendations, what to write about in essays are ultimately the student's. We expect students to remain in the driver's seat throughout the entire process.

The College Counselor serves as a liaison between The Sagemont School students and universities. The relationships between this office and admissions offices are of utmost importance and are founded on mutual respect, honesty, and professionalism. In order to keep these schools informed about the quality of The Sagemont School education, the College Counselor participates in local, state, and national professional organizations and attends conferences. Additionally, the College Counselor is a member of NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling) and adheres to the NACAC Statement of Students' Rights and Responsibilities in the college admissions process.

Lower School Campus |
PreK3–Grade 5 |
1570 Sagemont Way |
Weston, FL 33326 | 954.384.5454
Upper School Campus |
Grades 6–12 |
2585 Glades Circle |
Weston, FL 33327 | 954.389.2454

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