Visual Arts

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The middle school art program is designed to provide exploratory experiences necessary for understanding, appreciating, and producing two dimensional works of art. The program focuses on development of the basic art skills and emphasizes disciplined art education as well as higher order thinking skills. Students are introduced to a variety of media including drawing, print making, painting, and collage. Students use an art criticism process to evaluate, explain, and measure artistic growth in personal or group works.

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The high school art program includes disciplines in drawing, painting, digital art, and portfolio work. Drawing and painting classes enable the student to develop basic, intermediate-level and advanced perceptual, observational, and compositional skills necessary to communicate a range of subject matter, symbols, idea, and concepts using knowledge of drawing media, processes, and techniques. Honors level courses require students to demonstrate proficiency in the development of content to create a self-directed 2-D artwork suitable for inclusion in a portfolio. Through investigation of traditional techniques, historical and cultural models, and individual expressive goals, students begin to develop a personal art style.

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The purpose of Digital Art courses is to enable students to develop concepts, terminology, techniques, and applications to design, create, print, and display original 2-D graphic works of art. The students will design digital still images through the single or combined use of computers, digital cameras, scanners, photo editing software, drawing and painting software, graphic tablets, printers and emerging technologies. As they become comfortable at using the tools and techniques available, students design and produce digital still and /or animated images through the single or combined use of technology. Students evaluate their designs and images to measure artistic growth with increasing sophistication and independence to promote risk-taking in the completion of conceptually based self-directed work.

The Advanced Placement Portfolio classes are composed of the student’s original works of art. These are college-level courses that give the high school student the opportunity to receive advanced placement and/or credit in college. Prerequisites for this course include at least two years prior art experience including either Drawing and Painting or 2-D Art, and teacher recommendation. For students who are willing and able to apply themselves to college –level studies, the program enriches their secondary school experience. The course is designed to promote a variety of technical skills in the use of media and composition development through drawing and painting assignments, culminating in a portfolio of work developed over the year.

Please refer to our Curriculum Bulletin to become familiar with the levels and descriptions of each course.

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