April 27, 2017

Dear Parents, Faculty and Sagemont Friends,

On behalf of Nobel Learning Communities Inc., I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Robert M. Mockrish as the Head of The Sagemont School effective May 15, 2017.

This appointment is the culmination of an extensive national and international search in which the Nobel Learning search committee --with the help of our consulting firm Carney Sandoe & Associates -- screened over 75 candidates and interviewed seven highly qualified candidates before inviting 3 candidates for a visit to the Sagemont campus for additional interviews with the search committee, students, parents, staff, and administrative team. Beyond a distinguished resume and many notable accomplishments, Rob emerged as an excellent choice to lead The Sagemont School at this important time in our history.

Rob's credentials and background are impressive and include over 26 years of private school experience. After graduating from Furman University with both a bachelor's and master's degree, Rob began his teaching career. He quickly assumed administrative positions and served as the middle school Principal at the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. He completed additional graduate-level coursework in Education at Emory University and Columbia University and earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Union Institute & University. Throughout his professional career, Rob served in roles with increasing levels of international school leadership including Director of the American Embassy School in New Delhi, Director of the International Community School of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Director of the International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Superintendent of the Cairo American College and most recently, the Head of Raffles American School in Malaysia.

Rob has 3 grown children in the U.S and was looking for an opportunity to lead a strong, private K-12 school that was closer to his children as they begin to have families of their own. Rob was a candidate in a number of searches and held off making a decision about other Head of School positions, as Sagemont was his preferred position.

Rob's educational philosophy statement reflects his commitment to students, staff and families. "I am first and foremost, a Ieamer. I try to model my belief that education is a path to influence the future and change the world for the better. In today's society, with the virtual explosion of available information and content, a curriculum grounded in lifelong learning skills is essential. If we are to prepare students for their future, in addition to helping them acquire content knowledge, we must a/so provide them with the skills to solve problems, communicate with others in a variety of ways, research appropriately, organize their ideas, and show respect and responsibility for themselves, others, and our world. If children and young adults acquire these skills, they become learners for life."

We believe that Dr. Rob Mockrish is the ideal person to lead our school today and to continue the extraordinary work of Dr. Brent Goldman. We express our particular gratitude to Mr. Chuck Connor, who served as the interim Head of School while we conducted this most successful and rewarding search for the next leader of The Sagemont School.

With best regards,

George H. Bernstein, Chief Executive Officer
Linda Grobman, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer


April 27, 2017

To the Members of the Sagemont Community,

It is with delight and a great sense of humility that I accept the position of Head of School at the Sagemont School. I felt truly welcomed by the students, parents and members of the faculty, staff, and leadership team. The commitment to excellence and the sense of belonging and acceptance were apparent as I walked around each school; this is clearly a school that values children, families, and their educational journey. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Nobel Learning Communities for the confidence they have placed in me, and for their kind, welcoming words.

My work over the past 26 years has been a journey of discovery in personal and professional learning. Some of my most important lessons indude embracing diversity as a strength, and a profound belief that all students can learn. Learning is both an individual and collective journey that involves solving problems, communicating appropriately, organizing and researching, being technologically literate, and interacting respectfully and responsibly. I have been fortunate to have all three of my children grow and learn in this type of environment, and their paths to success are all quite different; one is an entrepreneur, the second a dancer/choreographer and our youngest is a scholar athlete.These personal observations have translated into a professional ethos and commitment to holistic, rigorous educational opportunities for all students. If we truly believe in helping our students be successful in the 21st century, we must provide them with the opportunity to learn and grow in these skills.

Thank you all for your time and the faith you have placed in me. I look forward to meeting and working with you beginning May 15, and to charting our future together.

Rob Mockrish, Ph.D.

March 29,2017

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff,

On behalf of Nobel Learning Communities, I wanted to update you on the work we've been doing over the last several months. As we've previously shared, we have been working with Carney Sandoe & Associates (CS&A), a nationally recognized search firm, to help us in our search for the next Head of School.
Over the last four months, our dedicated consultant from CS&A, Tom Plihcik, has identified and reviewed qualifications of more than 68 candidates.

The candidates had a wide variety of experiences and skill sets. After much discussion with Tom, we narrowed the prospective candidate field down to 13 excellent semi-finalists. During the first week of March, Kyle Tipping, Recruiting & Onboarding Manager for Nobel Learning interviewed each of the 13 candidates. This was done by teleconference as the candidates are from all over the country. The pool was then narrowed down to 7 qualified candidates who possess skills and attributes that would benefit and enhance The Sagemont School. The 7 candidates participated in an intense round of telephone interviews with several members of the Nobel Communities leadership team.

Following this round of interviews, I am pleased to announce we have identified three final candidates whom we have invited to visit the Sagemont School Campus. Each candidate brings a wealth of experience in leadership roles at private schools and are eager to collaborate with the Sagemont family. The visits are scheduled as follows:

• April 4, 2017 – Candidate # 1
• April 5, 2017 – Candidate # 2
• April 6, 2017 – Candidate # 3

As part of the campus visit each candidate will have the opportunity to tour the school, meet directly with students, staff, administration and parents. We encourage you to attend our Parent Meet and Greet event each day at 3:00 in the Upper School Library. Should you have specific questions about the process or thoughts about the candidates, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tina Hubbard
Executive Director

March 3, 2017

Dear Sagemont Parents, Faculty and Staff,

I am writing today to provide an update on the search for the new Head of School for The Sagemont School. I am thrilled to report that we have made meaningful progress and are moving to the next phase in the process. Previously, I informed you that there were over 68 applicants for the position. The national and international search drew applicants from an exceptional pool of highly-qualified educators, administrators, and assistant heads. Guided by our consultants from Carney Sandoe & Associates, we are now in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of resumes, personal statements, and educational statements. The next phase will include an intense interview for 12 diverse and highly experienced group of applicants. The goal is to narrow the list down to 3 – 4 candidates and invite them for an extensive visit with the Sagemont School Community. Currently, our timeline for visits to campus will commence in early April.

I thank all of you for your patience during this process. Unlike the hiring of a teacher, we are in the peak season for recruiting and selecting a Head of School. It may seem a little drawn out, but it is important to remember that the best candidates are looking for these types of jobs in the spring, just prior to their contracts or employment agreements ending. Chuck Connor, the Interim Head of School in cooperation with the School Principals, administrative teams and teaching staff are doing a great job in continuing the education excellence for which you have become accustom.
I will continue to provide updates as new information is available. Thank you for your continued support.

Tina Hubbard
K-12 Executive Director
Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.

January 25, 2017

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff,

I am excited to be sending you a status update with the search prospectus for our new Head of School. We have completed several of the steps outlined in our original correspondence regarding the search for a new Head of School. I offer a quick review of what we have accomplished and what to expect in the near future:

• November 2016: We hired an executive search firm, Carney Sandoe & Associates, with a record of success in filling Head of School positions in top quality private schools.

• December 2016: As you know, a team of educators including Dr. Regina McDuffie, Head of the Rhoades School and Mr. Thomas Heinly, Head of the Honor Roll School along with Mr. Tom Plichik, Senior Search Consultant Carney, Sandoe & Associates spent many hours on campus meeting with parents, students, teachers, staff and alumnae. The information gathered regarding the state of the school was the basis for the direction of the Head of School search.

• January 2017: The interview sessions and follow-up conversations, helped develop the attached prospectus that reflects the deep pride in and fondness for The Sagemont School. I invite you all to revel in the description of the current state of the school. From admissions, to outstanding curricular and co-curricular offerings for our students, from our elementary campus to the highly impressive college placement, Sagemont occupies a very strong position from which to launch this search.

• February – April 2017: The attached prospectus is circulated and potential candidates are screened and interviewed through Carney, Sandoe & Associates as well as Nobel Learning Communities search committee. We will narrow the candidates down to three or five, and at that time, we will bring them to the Sagemont Campuses to undergo their final round of interviews and selection. Our goal is to have the HOS in place prior to the end of the school year.

Please take a few moments to review the attached prospectus which reveals our hopes and expectations for the future. We have been informed from Carney Sandoe that the word of mouth campaign that precedes the formal job announcement has already yield more than 20 excellent candidates. Please be part of the recruiting team and share the prospectus with friends. I will continue to provide updates as the process continues.

Tina Hubbard
K-12 Executive Director
Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.

November 29, 2016

Dear Sagemont Families and Faculty,

Consistent with one of the tenets of the mission of the Sagemont School, "We are a community of learners uniting students, parents and teachers," we are actively seeking advice, input, and guidance from parents, faculty, staff and alumni as we begin the formal search for a new head of school. As mentioned in our previous correspondences, we would like to conduct interviews with key stakeholders including parents, faculty, administrators, alumni, and supporters.

I am excited to announce that Mr. Tom Plihcik from Carney, Sandoe and Associates will be joining us to conduct interviews with two of our outstanding Heads of School, Dr. Regina McDuffie from the Rhodes School in CA and Mr. Tom Heinly from the Honor Roll School in TX. The meeting schedule is listed below. If you plan on attending a parent meeting and have not already sent an RSVP, please contact Maria Swanberg at 954-389-2454, ext. 301.

Tuesday, 12/6/16


Parent Meetings:
8:30am in the Cafeteria

Faculty Meetings:
during planning / lunch times throughout the day

Wednesday, 12/7/16


Parent Meetings:

10:30am-11:30am - with Spanish Translator

Faculty Meetings:
during planning / lunch times throughout the day

Using findings from the meetings, we will create the school profile and the key Head of School attributes that will be used in the search. Our hiring process is rigorous consisting of several interviews with Operations, Human Resources and Education teams as well as an on-site visit to the school. I will keep you up to date as we make progress with this search. Applicants may include both internal and external candidates.

It is our goal to hire a new leader to begin in the summer 2017. This will allow ample time for the search ensuring we find the right fit for the school.

Thank you for your continued support of Sagemont and the excellence it represents for our students and faculty.

Kind Regards,

Chuck Connor
Interim Head of School

September 22, 2016

Dear Parents, Faculty, and Staff:

I am extremely pleased to join Sagemont as your Interim Head of School for school year 2016-17. Having worked in the education field for more than 45 years, as a teacher, Principal and Superintendent, I look forward to supporting your school this year while we complete a search for a permanent Head of School. I am extremely impressed with the warm welcome I have received from the entire Sagemont School family and look forward to developing positive relationships with all constituencies to provide an outstanding educational experience for your child this year.

This timing will allow us to follow a proven, rigorous private school search process that engages all the stakeholders in the success of The Sagemont School.

Over the next month or so, we will be completing several key steps in the search process:

  • We will engage an executive search firm with a record of success in filling Head of School positions in top quality private schools.
  • We will conduct interviews with key stakeholders, including parents, faculty, administrators, alumni, and supporters. The interviews will be led by two of our outstanding Heads of School, Dr. Regina McDuffie and Mr. Tom Heinly.
  • Using findings from the interviews, we will create the school profile and the key Head of School attributes that will be used in the search. Applicants may include both internal and external candidates.
  • We will create a new section of our school website that will provide continuing updates on the search process.

The entire process will be guided by the mission statement of The Saagemont School, which includes our commitment to excellence in college-prep academics, arts and sports in a technology-rich, supportive, and culturally-diverse learning community.


Charles Connor
Interim Head of School

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