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A 2nd of Our Weston Middle School’s “Image in a Bottle” Project Floats Ashore in Spain Two Years Later

Exciting news! Another bottle has washed ashore overseas! Two years ago students sent their “Image in a Bottle” projects out to sea and, yet again one has survived the journey. Read the email below that we received from the girl who found it.

“I found your bottle with a message inside. My name is Laura, I am 12 years-old, and live in Galicia (Spain). I found the bottle on a beach in Ferrol. I was playing on the shore with my father, sister and cousins, when I saw the bottle floating in the ocean. It was a big surprise when I saw that the bottle had a note inside. Your project has been a success and the story will be published in a local newspaper. By the way … When did you send the bottle? I hope you are proud of your work and we can communicate soon.”

In the spring of 2014, approximately 80 Sagemont middle school students created collages of their lives, wrote a “letters to the world”, sealed them in bottles they decorated which were sent out to sea from Ft. Lauderdale. The project was called “Image in a Bottle” which middle school art teacher Scott Hemeon conceived to challenge his students to consider how they wanted to project their image to a global community…a virtual concept delivered in an old-fashioned way. Two years later, and an ocean away, two of those bottles have washed ashore…so far!

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