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Our Weston Elementary and Middle School Students Learn about the Election

Students throughout both Sagemont campuses learned about our election process this month.

Mr. Hemeon said of the middle school art students, “In an effort to engage my students in the political process, the latest project had them each creating their own campaign posters as though they were running for president. I instructed them to stay away from referencing the actual candidates, but to concentrate on issues…some serious, some not so much. They are/will be placed along the drives leading to and from school.”

It was an epic Election Day battle in fourth grade. Students got to vote for their favorite candydate (a.k.a. candidate See what we did there?!). Their choice? Crunch or Skittles

The students have been learning a month-long unit about the three branches of government and the election process. Ms. Fiet assigned students a state. With each state, the student got the actual number of electoral votes that the state gets for the general election. Each student represented their state in the candy election.

On election the students made their official choice by filling out their ballot. They then filled out the electoral map and the digital map. They colored the electoral map to reflect their choice. Red was for Skittles and blue was for Crunch. After each ballot had been cast, the announcement was made that Crunch won 328 to 210. The election unit was concluded with a Dr. Seuss story called One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote. This was truly a “sweet” lesson in American politics.

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