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English as a Second Language

Our English as a second language program (ELL) focuses on developing self-confidence and the ability to perform academically and to thrive as a part of our community. ELL is conducted every day in 40-minute blocks. Children are grouped according to their level of proficiency, not by age or grade level.

The program includes learning the English language through reading, writing and vocabulary, as well as a focus on the cultural aspects of daily life. Our main goal is to assist ELL students in becoming well-rounded and happy members of our community.

Students are given a standardized test upon recommendation to ELL, and re-take the test throughout the program to track their progression. Students are eligible to participate for two years, however many demonstrate fluency prior to that mark. Age, confidence and opportunity for immersion are all factors that may influence how readily a child establishes proficiency.

Upper School students who participate in the ELL program become familiar with the structure of an American high school, the community, and American culture in general.