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College Preparatory

Our Upper School curriculum is rigorous, comprehensive and student-centered, preparing students for the demanding challenges of college. Core course offerings provide students with a strong foundation in English, math, science and social studies, and are enhanced by elective courses that focus on broadening educational experiences. Electives include world languages, physical education, health, personal fitness, and fine and performing arts. Our Curriculum Bulletin can be found here.

Advanced courses are available for above average students who benefit from participating in classroom discussions and outside readings that require an in-depth understanding and mastery of subject matter. Honors and AP courses are available and designed for students who are capable of handling college-level work. We offer over 20 Advanced Placement courses, including the AP Capstone program through which students can earn an AP Capstone diploma! Learn more about AP Capstone here.

The Sagemont School is proud to offer Pre-Professional Programs, wherein students focus on areas of study including Business, Science and Law. Spanning a diverse selection of classes and co-curricular activities, these programs will prepare students for college and beyond by providing specific insight and concrete experience in their chosen career paths or a path they think they would like to explore. The Sagemont Pre-Professional Programs typically conclude with students participating in an honors-weighted internship at institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, YMCA, local law firms and dental clinics. Our students may also combine classes from Programs to create their own individualized Pre-Professional Curriculum.

Creativity, Collaboration & Communication

Students need more than just academic knowledge to achieve their goals. Our teachers help students develop 21st century skills through learning activities that:

• Are project-based and connected to the real world

• Involve collaboration, hands-on experiences and global focus

• Are integrated across subject areas

• Require problem solving and critical thinking

• Allow students to initiate, plan and manage projects

• Expose students to different cultures

Real World Application

STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education is critical for future success in school and careers. Beginning in kindergarten, our students experience STEM through challenging and fun projects that encourage problem solving, decision making and innovation. Students at the Lower School are exposed to the fundamentals of coding and are able to explore robotics using VEX IQ and VEX EDR V5 Robotics and may continue their studies through Upper School, with advanced coding classes in the languages of Python, Java, C, C++, AP Computer Science A (AP CSA), AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP), and Web Design.

Our pre-professional programs allow our Upper School students to explore various career paths as they participate in real-world internships. Students take part in a “Week Without Walls” program. Sagemont believes that classrooms without walls create students without limits. During one week of the academic year, students choose field trips that are linked to the curriculum and school mission, ranging from aviation programs to art and architectural exploration.

Technology Rich

Sagemont students utilize laptops or iPads® for delivery of instruction in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Spanish, and most elective classes. Teachers use a blended instructional approach with the infusion of technology through digital text and soft covered workbooks to facilitate differentiated, engaging, and interactive lessons. Our technology-rich environment aids in the development of 21st century skills and helps us customize each child’s learning. Students can access digital textbooks, communicate with teachers via email, utilize Sagemont technical support and engage in project-based learning through video and photo capabilities. We provide students in grades 4–8 with their own iPad® . Students in grades 9–12 are required to purchase their own device.

Supportive Environment

Course offerings are also available for English Language Learners (ELL).