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Only at Sagemont

At Sagemont, no day is the same! Our objective is to foster innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, and cultivate our community impact.


Fostering the disruption of the status quo and supporting new ideas amongst all our students.


Encouraging future leaders of the world to dream big and take risks.


 Community Impact
Cultivating the drive to give back to our communities and build a better tomorrow.



Our Special Projects

Spanish Immersion Classes

Our Spanish Immersion classes allow students to fully engulf themselves into Spanish culture and language. Whether you are a heritage or a non-heritage speaker, our students have the chance to develop advanced communication and literacy skills in both Spanish and English two to three times per week. All students are eligible to participate and do not have to enter a lottery to partake, as seen at many other institutions. Students are divided by skill level and get a truly authentic experience in global literacy.


Exploration of Land and Water

On land, students examine the natural landscapes of South Florida. They learn farming operations and management practices, explore the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, and visit the Farm Fresh Market to learn about produce that is grown throughout our state.

Next, students venture to the sea for a SeaGrass Touch Tank Survey and kayaking. They’ll get an up-close encounter with the critters found in Biscayne Bay and explore the aquatic life of the seagrass communities, giving them a fantastic introduction to the wonders of Marine Science.


Visual and Performance Art Explosion

The visual and performing arts are a revered part of the Sagemont learning experience. Our high schoolers experience what it is like to be a DJ at Scratch Academy. The class teaches them the fundamentals of mixing, blending, and scratching music. They also participate in an Art Deco Walking Tour in South Beach where they get exclusive access to select buildings, with fascinating history about early pioneers, unlikely heroes, and the influence of the mob and Hollywood.


A Culinary Experience

Sagemont students will start their culinary journey at the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead. Here, Ms. Natalie Rocco will enlighten students about making healthy food choices in a nutrition class, which will cover the food groups. They put their taste buds to the test by sampling salty, sweet, sour, and bitter foods, and discover the differences when combining flavors. They will join Chef Rocco in whipping up their own culinary creations. It will be a feast to remember!



Entrepreneurship in Action

Pride Rock, our student-run coffee shop, is not only a space for students to relax and socialize, but also a way to learn about leadership, entrepreneurship, and economics. From creating a business plan, to taking out a loan from the school that they then paid back with profits, our students have made Pride Rock a pillar of the Sagemont community. The small business even provided refreshments for our “drive-in” movie and hosted acoustic Thursdays for student musicians. They’re even ready to expand! Students recently petitioned the faculty for more space and an upgrade to their customer seating. It’s clear there is a lot of “pride” in this “rock” of the Sagemont community.