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Only At Sagemont

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools the competition is fierce. So what makes families choose Sagemont Prep and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtSagemont. Let us tell you more.

At Sagemont, no day is the same! Our objective is to foster innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, and cultivate our community impact.

Innovation Fostering the disruption of the status quo and supporting new ideas amongst all our students.
Entrepreneurship Encouraging future leaders of the world to dream big and take risks.
Community Impact Cultivating the drive to give back to our communities and build a better tomorrow.

Our Signature Seven Projects
12th Grade - Reflective
A celebrated tradition of the senior experience is our 'Sagemont Prep Senior Marketplace.' Delivered through the Micro-economic course, all seniors work in groups to collaborate and develop a marketplace. Students are tasked with developing a business model together. This process includes documentation of all aspects of the business, including a business plan, strategic marketing, understanding supply and demand, profit margins and ultimately starting up a company. A marketplace is established by the senior class and the school and local community serves as their customers in a competitive market.
11th Grade - Analytical
We empower our students to explore their passions and be intentional. Through Sagemont Prep’s community partnerships, 11th-grade students are engaged in executive internships in identified areas of interest. Sagemont Prep's partnerships include a variety of fields including but not limited to business operations, health care, law, public relations, social work, engineering, art and design and technology. The possibilities are endless.
10th Grade - Responsible Risk-Taking
In 10th grade, we ask our students to embark on a journey of being bold, decisive, confident, courageous, creative, innovative and comfortable with uncertainty. Our students use the knowledge obtained from their financial literacy course to learn different investment strategies and their levels of risk tolerance as they invest their earnings. During the year, 10th-grade students learn the concept of taking responsible financial risks and the relationship to retirement planning
9th Grade - Creativity
As our 9th-grade students continue to grow in core classes and electives, we challenge each student to step beyond the classroom space and curate their journey of discovery and creativity. Through TED talk-style presentations, students discover, explore, and present their big and developing ideas to the community. Students in 9th grade are empowered to be imaginative and innovative as they begin their exploration of the future and their passions.
8th Grade - Problem Finder/Solver
Problem-finding and problem-solving can be a daunting process—there may be no clear and definitive answers. That’s the beauty of our 8th-grade projects. During the first semester, students engage in Future City, a project-based learning program where students imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. Our 8th graders are also introduced to entrepreneurship through our partnership with Uncharted Learning and the mxINCedu program. Through this program, students explore entrepreneurship, build skills, identify passions and career interests. Sagemont students work in teams to identify a problem to solve, design and pitch a solution, and expose the product or service to the marketplace.
7th Grade - Collaboration
Collaborative work is a core component of 7th grade, as all students will work in teams to compete in the Innovation Fair. Founded on identifying problems, students work together to create solutions based on one or more of the following goals: raising awareness, taking action, driving change, and making a difference.
6th Grade - Curiosity
Developing curiosity in 6th grade is imperative to the educational experience, and students will have the opportunity to explore the world of game design. This course is designed to introduce students to the metaverse world of Roblox. Students will learn about the platform, explore the Roblox Studio game engine, build an obstacle course ("obby"), add code scripts to the obby and customize their own game. By the end of this course, students will publish their creations to Roblox for friends and family to play.
5th Grade - Reflective
It’s time for Invention Convention! Through a partnership with Uncharted Learning, our 5th graders work collaboratively on freshINCedu, in which students are exposed to and empowered by entrepreneurship. Sagemont Prep 5th-grade students work to develop a product, pitch their idea, and launch their businesses in the marketplace. The launching point for the creation is grounded in sustainability. As our students are engaged in this process, reflection is key to developing their practices and identifying their learning.
4th Grade - Analytical
Our Energy Efficient Environmentalists in 4th grade are focused on reducing their carbon footprint. Analyzing circular economics pushes students to think not only about their carbon footprint but how to educate others about practical solutions. Our 4th graders are provided the guidance to conduct research at the school level by monitoring and analyzing the school’s energy usage, to then use the data for enhanced energy efficiency.
3rd Grade - Responsible Risk-Taking
Our students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and discover new possibilities as they approach problems with creativity, perseverance, and grit. Students in 3rd grade are challenged to take educated risks by drawing upon past knowledge to guide their thinking about consequences. Through this process of understanding and growth, our 3rd graders practice this skill through our Future Engineers project. Utilizing bridges as a focal point for this project is intentional, as it also guides students in learning about connections for people, places, and resources.
2nd Grade - Creativity
Creative inspiration through observation generates new, innovative ideas. In 2nd grade, our students' creative minds are challenged to research a variety of environmental biomes to understand the role each plays in our ecology. Our 2nd graders follow a creative acronym to develop inventive, imaginative, innovative, and original expressions of their biome exploration.
1st Grade - Problem Finder/Solver
First-grade students will enhance their awareness and perception through observation with no judgment. Students begin to engage in Odyssey of the Mind, which teaches them how to develop and use their natural creativity to become problem-solvers. While engaged in the Odyssey of the Mind competition, students experience a robust environment centered around teamwork, leadership, writing, public speaking, and more as they work together to answer open-ended questions.
Kindergarten - Collaboration
“We are Kinderpreneurs” Embracing collaboration is key to becoming an entrepreneur. The collaborative process values the contributions made by peers and Sagemont Prep Kinderpreneurs begin this foundational work through the creation of their in-school marketplace, Kindermart. Sagemont Prep students conduct survey research and are immersed in the process of business creation. The culminating event for our young entrepreneurs is opening their marketplace to our school community.
Pre-K - Curiosity
Wonderment and curiosity permeates Sagemont Prep’s early childhood program and this is expanded upon in Pre-K. Our students develop a strong desire to learn through asking questions, researching, and exploring possibilities. Our Pre-K educators utilize the season and our young learners' connection to the natural world to dive into a curiously awesome project The Bees and Butterflies Life Cycle Simulation.
Preschool - Curiosity
Curiosity is essential for our youngest learners. Sagemont Prep’s preschool students explore questions about the world around them every day. Enthusiastic curiosity is fostered through self-initiated and playful exploration, where learning occurs naturally. Through “Sage’s Little Flower Market,” our young learners work together to create a flower shop, and skills are fostered in planning, creativity, observation, teamwork, problem-solving, and goal-setting.

Entrepreneurship in Action

Pride Rock, our student-run coffee shop, is not only a space for students to relax and socialize, but also a way to learn about leadership, entrepreneurship, and economics. From creating a business plan, to taking out a loan from the school that they then paid back with profits, our students have made Pride Rock a pillar of the Sagemont Prep community. The small business even provided refreshments for our “drive-in” movie and hosted acoustic Thursdays for student musicians. They’re even ready to expand! Students recently petitioned the faculty for more space and an upgrade to their customer seating. It’s clear there is a lot of “pride” in this “rock” of the Sagemont Prep community.