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Mountain Peak Academy

Mountain Peak Academy at The Sagemont School addresses the needs of bright students who have been diagnosed with learning differences. Our students enjoy the benefit of interacting and studying within the mainstream of our college prep private school, while also receiving individualized attention and instruction. Mountain Peak instructors work collaboratively with Sagemont teachers to ensure that the appropriate accommodations are being provided in all classes.

We believe that with the proper learning environment, each student can progress, develop and gain knowledge in important subject areas. Classwork is designed to promote student success, and students are encouraged to learn through methods suited to their individualized learning styles. Our highly trained teachers encourage multi-sensory learning strategies and help students build study skills for a lifetime of learning.

Our curriculum incorporates evidenced-based strategies that produce results. We focus on language arts, oral and written communications, and grade appropriate mathematics. Social studies are included for fourth and fifth graders. Middle and high school students receive highly personalized college entrance guidance.

We aim to build self-esteem and independence. Our intention is to have students matriculate out of this intensive program as soon as they are ready.


What qualifies a student for the Mountain Peak Academy?
This program was created to address the needs of a selective community of learners whose abilities surpass their academic achievements due to a learning difference. The students must have average to above-average intelligence with a professionally diagnosed learning difference and no behavioral and social/emotional issues.

What grade levels are offered in the Mountain Peak Academy?
The program is offered for students in kindergarten to 12th grade.

How are prospective students evaluated for acceptance to the Mountain Peak Academy?
We use a combination of tools that includes a current psycho-educational evaluation (no older than 2 1/2 years), an IEP that has been developed by the student’s past school system (if available), teacher and administrator recommendation, and report cards for the past 2 years. A personal admissions screening will be performed after initial evaluation of the documents submitted has been reviewed. Completed application form and application fee is due before the admission’s screening.

Do you accept funds from the McKay Scholarship Program?
McKay is a state-sponsored scholarship program for students with disabilities accepted by the Sagemont School only if the child meets our qualifications for admissions. Parents can apply for the McKay scholarship only if the applicant is currently attending a public school. Parents are responsible for the remainder of the tuition and fees not covered by McKay. Visit http://www.floridaschoolchoice.org for more information on the McKay Scholarship.

How does the Mountain Peak Program work during the school day?
The students in this program enjoy the benefit of interacting and studying within the mainstream Sagemont School community of learners while receiving individualized attention and instruction through the classes that the Mountain Peak provides.