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Upper School

Our Upper School is dedicated to providing excellence in academics, athletics and the arts in a safe, supportive and culturally diverse learning environment.

Personalized Studies

From dedicated college counseling services to personal portfolio classes, The Sagemont School is committed to providing a program of study that allows students to explore a broad curriculum, while preparing them for the rigors of university. Student-driven learning is a key component of our philosophy, and at Sagemont, students have the ability to pursue their passions, from opening an on campus coffee shop to beginning an aviation program.


Classrooms Without Limits

The Sagemont School encourages teachers and students to apply their knowledge outside the confines of the classroom and embrace real-world application in all subject areas. The Sagemont School has numerous pre-professional programs ranging from engineering to pre-medical studies and offers honors weighted internships for students in their senior year. We also believe that classrooms without walls will create students without limits. During one week of the year, for our Week Without Walls program, students choose educational field trip opportunities which align to their academic interests and are linked to the curriculum and the school wide Learning Outcomes.


Commitment to Inclusion and Service

At Sagemont, we prepare students to engage in complex social challenges that impact our communities, social institutions, health, and environment. They learn to advocate for those who are underrepresented through our weekly social justice lessons in both middle and high school. Students are encouraged to have a greater understanding of how they can improve their own community, through community service projects and in depth discussions during advisory sessions. Students leave Sagemont ingrained with an understanding that they are capable to effect positive change in the world.


Engaging Programs

Students can choose from over 40 co-curricular programs (2020-2021 Club Schedule) and nationally recognized athletic programs, including basketball, volleyball, golf and swimming.  We provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum within a safe a nurturing environment. Sagemont offers over 20 Advanced Placement courses and has been recognized to offer the AP Capstone Diploma through College Board.

Middle School Club Offerings

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High School Club Offerings

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