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Summer School in Weston Reimagined

By Stacey Bomser (As reported in Our City of Weston Magazine, March 2016 – Part 1)

Camp Sagemont is known for offering a wide variety of camp programs that appeal to children of all ages and interests, ranging from a traditional day camp program for preschoolers and younger students to a travel camp for teenagers. This summer, Camp Sagemont is unveiling new educational camp programs designed to supplement lessons learned throughout the school year and allow children to explore new interests.

Camp Sagemont Director Danielle Guski shares more about what’s in store this summer at Camp Sagemont.

What are some of the new programs available this summer? 

Academic Advantage Plus, formerly known as Summer School, now offers campers the choice to focus on specific subject areas. It also includes a daily Reading Rocks! Session. We’re also introducing a Spanish Immersion Plus camp and Cooking Up Math & Science Plus camp, where children will learn the math and science behind cooking and baking.

Why is Camp Sagemont adding new academic-based camps to its menu? 

We have seen that parents are looking for fun and enriching academic-based activities to keep their children’s minds active through the summer. In addition, research indicates that students who keep their minds actively engaged throughout the summer do not display summer regression upon returning to the classroom. The goal to increase student knowledge is especially important for English language learning students who have the greatest probability for regression, not only in content but overall English language development. Camp Sagemont strives to answer the global demand to provide a continuous and fun academic learning experience during the summer.

If you’re looking for a summer academic programs for your kids register for Camp Sagemont online today.

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